Ice Shot Gläser

Funtime Ice Shot Gläser

Das ultimative Partygadget.
Ice Shot Gläser für deine nächste Party.
Einfach die 12 Eisshotgläser mit Wasser oder deinem Lieblingssaft füllen und schon hast du deine Ice Shot Gläser.

Wir haben uns die Rezensionen durchgelesen, damit du dich aufs feiern konzentrieren kannst.

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My husband’s 30th birthday party was this weekend and this simple product gave us the opportunity to delight our guests and gave the party the pizazz we wanted it to have. I gave it to him as a Christmas present 7 days before his party, so here’s everything we made with it in a week’s time: 12 cola glasses, 12 ice glasses, maybe 20 juice glasses, 10 gummy (during my first try using jello and gelatin) glasses, and 23 jello jiggler glasses. That’s nearly 80 shot glasses in a week! These molds are very easy to use and allow you to be as creative as you want to be. After all the use they’ve gotten this week, they still look as new as they did before. They have very much earned a spot in our kitchen.

The most important thing to know about these molds is to just be patient when trying to extract the shot glass, so here are my tips. FOR ICE: Turn on the tap and run the water that’s hot but not steaming (if the water’s too hot, the ice will crack). Slowly move the mold under the stream for maybe 20 seconds. Take the tops off and use one hand to squeeze the top of the mold slightly until you see an air bubble move to the bottom of the glass. Use the other hand to gently squeeze the bottom of the glass and work back and forth with each hand until the glass pops out. If no air bubble is getting to the bottom, run under water again for a few more seconds. FOR GELATIN: Twist the top off; you will meet some resistance but just keep twisting and pulling at an even keel and don’t worry about the glass breaking because gelatin is very durable. Now if the glass comes with the top, use you fingers to gently tug at the top of the glass all around it until it loosens and you can pull it off. If the glass stays in, slide one finger in one side and your thumb in the other side and grab the glass with both digits and just jiggle it back and forth until it comes loose. The more gelatin you use, the stronger it will be and the less you will have to worry about when trying to free it.

These are very high quality molds and the price is most certainly a good one so consider them a true investment if you like to host parties or a perfect present if you know somebody who does.
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Please note that these are called “mini glasses” and NOT “mini SHOT glasses”. I was hoping for something about 1/2 the size of a shot glass to make edible jello shot cups, unfortunately these did not fit the bill.

And since Amazon did not provide this info, I will: The resulting shot glasses will measure about 2-1/2″ wide by 3″ tall (exterior). (Hopefully this size info will save other shoppers time and return shipping charges if they need something smaller or larger.)

Since I am returning the package unopened, I am not in a position to comment on the use of the product, though it seems well made and sturdy from what I can see. The item shipped quickly and the package arrived undamaged though I would not say it was especially well-cushioned. An unrelated item from my order was missing but a quick on-line chat resulted in a replacement shipping overnight at no charge and with no hassle.
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